Regardless of whether it is a flat tire or another small defect. We are happy to help you so that you can continue your bike tour. Should it not be possible to fix it, we also have rental bikes.


Shift cable torn, brakes no longer work properly, wearing parts break. With our large Shimano spare parts warehouse, we can fix many problems quickly.


All-round check for your bike. The maintenance of the gears, brakes, engine and chain should be done before the bike season. For a big service, please make an appointment with us.

Our bike service.

Whether holiday guest, day tourist, local or regular guest – Bikewelt Gisler Andermatt offers all-round services on the bike for everyone. You have a concern – we have the solution. Our services range from repairing a flat tire, eliminating unpleasant noises, replacing broken parts to an all-round check of the beloved two-wheeler. We only use high quality products in our service work.

So that the work can be carried out promptly and to the complete satisfaction of our customers, we ask you to contact us in advance by phone  +41 41 888 70 60,  e-mail or personally in our shop.

Imholz Sport in Andermatt: